Welcome to our club which is part of ww2

To secure the future and success of further shows, a new independent club was formed in 2010, The Northern Military Vehicle and Vintage Club (NMVVC). This new title reflecting the club member’s interest not only in military vehicles, but also military history, weapons and equipments and the ever increasing popularity of living history re-enactment.

The club was formed 2 years ago but the lineage of the club stretches back some 15 years, with some members being in other military clubs but coming together to make the one club. And any one intrested in ww2 to the Gulf war are welcome to join, we have a cross section of member ranging from Military Vehicle owner's to Re-enacter's.

We meet the first Wednesday in the month, if you would like to join us then please email: and we will send you further details.

Please browes through the picture's in the gallery of past events the club as been involved in. is part of the Northern Military Vehicle & Vintage Club.